Research support for LMI approach to development

DeloitteLeadership for Women™ Program – Final Evaluation Report

“Over the past decade, the desire to increase the amount of women leaders in the workplace has been well documented in the literature. Women in the work place total approximately half of today’s employees but occupy only a third of the managerial roles, most of which are at the lower levels…”


Why leadership-development programs fail


logo-insitute-of-coachingDoes coaching really work? In their recent research, Theeboom, Beersma, and van Vianen conducted a meta-analysis on studies that have examined coaching outcomes. In their review, they focused on five dominant outcomes categories in the broader psychological literature: well-being, coping, work and career related attitudes and goal-directed self-regulation.

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“Executive coaching can be an effective tool for developing corporate leaders. But many leaders, when hiring a coach for the first time, don’t have a frame of reference for what executive coaching is and is not. Without this, it is difficult to know what to expect or avoid.

An effective coaching process is structured, accountable and measurable. Effective coaching includes assessment and measurement, meaningful coaching conversations that occur in person, through video or on the phone, and constant monitoring and evaluation of progress and results. When required, coaching shifts to leadership development – delegation, influencing, and so forth.

investing-in-people-logo“Twelve organizations, ranging in size from 60 employees (the David Suzuki Foundation) to 7,500 (WestJet), volunteered to participate in the Investing in People® (IIP) training ROI case studies. Five programs achieved a positive return on their training investments.

In the seven cases where positive ROI could not be established, the key barriers were: training not aligned to the business; program design ineffective at the onset; and, participants lacked opportunity to apply their new skills and impact business outcomes.”