The LMI Process

01 Evaluate Performance – Before you can improve, we need to identify focus areas where it makes sense for you to improve. Then, we define your current level of performance and calculate an achievable level of improvement, which gives us your performance gap.


02 Plan Action – You may not realize it, but developing a Plan of Action will undoubtedly help nudge you along the path of self improvement. By identifying critical success factors and determining a method for tracking results, you’ll get measurable results of your progress. In short, you’ll know what’s working and how much you’re improving every step of the journey.

03 Change Behavior – To make the process easier, we recommend step-by-step changes as opposed to wholesale adjustments. That way, you can practice and apply each individual change in behavior and monitor progress as it occurs. Since we are dealing with humans, we are talking about habits and culture here. This takes TIME.

04 Measure Results – To wrap up and make sense of our whole approach, we’ll measure the results you’ve achieved using the methods outlined in your Plan of Action. Then we’ll document your return on investment – which we guarantee – and move on to identifying areas for continued improvement.

Guess what? Once you learn it, you can repeat it. We will show you how!