What We Are NOT

We are not a training company. We do not provide short, quick training programs. We’ve all attended conferences and training seminars or sent our people to them. What fun! Great information is presented, and these sessions typically very motivational and inspiring. We have great intentions when we return to the office to apply what we just learned. Unfortunately, most are lucky to remember one to two good ideas. Usually within two to three weeks, we’re back doing what we’ve always done, getting what we’ve always gotten. Sound familiar?

At LMI, we believe workshops, seminars, or compact training events do not produce measurable results or bring about the changes in behavior or attitude which impact ROI. [A typical program will not guarantee results] We are different.

We are not “business consultants.” We don’t know the internal, operational mechanics of your business. Your business is unique, yet business fundamentals remain the same. We know business fundamentals. We believe you are the expert in knowing your business. Only you know the goals and dreams you have for your business and life.